When you use Wistec Education services, you trust our data in our hands. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to help you understand the nature of the data to be collected and the reason and purpose of that. This is important so we hope you will read this policy carefully. Keep in mind that you can manage your information and secure your privacy on the My Profile page.
Our services can be used in a number of ways. When you share information with us, for example, by purchasing additional paid courses with Stripe or Paypall payments. We want you to know how our information is used and we want you to be aware of the ways you can protect your privacy.
This Privacy Policy tells you:

  • What information we collect and why.
  • How we use this information.
  • What alternatives are we providing, for example, with the use and updating of data

We try to make things as simple as possible, but unless you know such concepts as cookies, IP address, pixel tags, and browser, read the descriptions of these key concepts first. Your privacy is of great importance to Wistec Education, so whether you are a new or long-term user of our services, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with our policies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The information we collect

We collect data to provide our users with better services. We'll look at you basics, like your language. We will also collect information about your contract with your business, such as your time spent on the courses, the completed course sections and the results of the tests.

Information we receive through our services

We collect information about the content you see and their dates or results, such as watching a video on Onlinen, visiting Test Pages, or looking at and using our content. 
When you use services or view videos offered by Online, we collect and automatically store certain information on our server logs. This information includes:

  • how you use our services (like watching videos)
  • the internet protocol address
  • information on how the device is used, such as information on possible crashes, system activity, browser type, browser language, time and date of the query, and the associated URL
  • cookies that allow us to identify your browser or your account.
  • cookies that we know are you signed in to the service

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect from services to provide, maintain, protect, and enhance our services, develop new services, and protect Wistec Education and our users.
In the default settings, the information on the My Profile page will not be visible to other Online users. Your e-mail address is hidden in all modes, but you can change it to shown to anyone or just people on the course. However, this does not limit or make it possible for you to choose the people to whom your address will be displayed. Your email address, however, is available to Wistec Education, so we can identify the services you use and target any direct advertising or reminders of your participation in the courses. Wistec Education, however, adheres to agreements with a company that may prohibit any advertising or reminder to employees. By default, this information is collected and we run about once a month from the login service for non-signing users and send them a reminder of the benefits of the service. However, the user may remove himself from the mailing list as he / she so desires.
If a business agreement includes reporting, we will gather more comprehensive information on courses spent on courses, test performance and test results. However, we will not disclose information from non-contract business users. We will never release other users' information to other businesses or private users.
If you contact us, we will keep a record of your contact so that we can solve any problems you may experience. We can use your email address to notify you about the services, as we will let you know about changes and improvements that will be forthcoming.
We use cookies and other techniques, such as logs, to collect information collected to improve our user experience and the overall quality of our services. For example, by storing your language settings, we can show you the services in your language. However, when we show you customized content, we do not integrate a cookie or equivalent technology into sensitive interests such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or health.
We ask for your permission before we use your information for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy.
Wistec Education processes this information on its servers in Finland. We may also process your personal data from a server located outside your country of residence.
Data management is governed by the Finnish Information Security settings and the obligations of the Personal Data Act. If there are stricter or worse specifications in the country of use of the service, we can take this into account if you provide us with such information and references to them.

Transparency and freedom of choice

People have different privacy needs. Our goal is to clearly indicate what information we collect to help you decide how your information will be used. For example:

  • view and update the information on your My Profile page. You can also use other management tools to determine whether to use certain cookies or similar technology to store certain types of activity on your.
  • check and manage certain types of information associated with your account using the My Profile page
  • adjust how your profile associated with your account looks to others
  • to manage who your data can be shared through your account
  • removes the information associated with your account
  • choose whether to see your profile name and image

You can also configure your browser to block all cookies, including cookies associated with our services, or tell us which cookies are set by Wistec Education. However, remember that some of our services may not work properly if cookies are blocked. For example, we may not have other language settings, and you may have to log on to the service repeatedly.

Use and update of personal information

Each time you use our service, we will try to give you the ability to personalize your personal information. If the information is incorrect, we will try to provide you with ways to quickly update or remove the data unless we need to retain information for legitimate commercial or legal reasons. When updating your personal information we may have to ask you to confirm your identity before we can implement your request.
We can reject requests that are repeatedly unreasonably high, requiring disproportionate technical effort (for example, developing a new system or making substantial changes to the current practice), compromising others' privacy, or being very impractical (for example, requests for backup information).
If we have to provide data for review and repair, we will do so free of charge, unless the provision of information would require disproportionate effort. We strive to maintain our services in a way that protects data from deliberate or accidental destruction. As a result, we may not delete the remaining data copies from our active servers immediately or delete data from our backup system after you disclose information about our services.

Information what we share

We will not disclose personal information to companies, organizations, or Wistec Education to non-service staff except in the following cases:
You have granted permission to share information.
We share your personal information with companies, organizations or third parties if you have given them permission. We always require a separate consent to share all sensitive personal information.
Information is shared with domain administrators
If the data used in this service is managed outside of Wistec Online, such as Office 365 or Google+, we automatically allocate the information required for that service at the system and administrator level. In these services, you will have to agree to share and collect this information when you use the service through these sign-in methods.

Information is needed for legal reasons

We share personal information with third-party companies, organizations, or individuals if we sincerely believe that the use, retention, or disclosure of information is necessary.

  • act in accordance with applicable law or regulation, or by an enforceable court decision or authority decision
  • to enforce the applicable Service Terms and to investigate possible violations
  • fraud, security threats, or technical problems, to detect, prevent or process it
  • Wistec Education, for the protection of our legitimate rights, property and privacy by our users or the public

We can share non-personal information publicly and with our partners, such as publishers, advertisers, or collaboration sites. For example, we may distribute the information publicly to show the trends in the general usage of our services.


We strive to protect Wistec Education and our users against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. Some of the security methods we apply:

  • encrypt all payment transactions with SSL
  • we use a non-system payment service to enhance protection (Stripe / Paypall)
  • we evaluate our data collection, storage and handling policies and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized use of the systems.

We limit the access of personal data to Wistec Education's employees, contract partners and other agents who need this information to process them for us. These persons are bound by the obligation of professional secrecy, the violation of which may result, for example, for termination or for criminal prosecution.

When is the Privacy Policy valid?

Our Privacy Policy applies to all Wistec Training Oy's staff and its affiliates, but does not apply to services with separate privacy practices that are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals, such as products or sites that may appear in ads, sites that may include Wistec Education Services or other sites linked to Onlinen Services. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of computing companies and organizations that promote our other services. Such entities may use cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies to provide targeted ads.

Compliance with law and cooperation with the authorities

We regularly review that this Privacy Policy is being followed. We also follow a number of self-regulatory practices, including the EU-US Privacy Shield. If we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the complainant to find out the problem. If necessary, we will cooperate with authorities such as local data protection authorities to resolve any complaints about the transfer of personal information that can not be solved directly with users.


This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time. We do not undermine the rights you have in the Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will publish any changes to our Privacy Policy for our sites. If the changes are material, we will provide a more prominent notice to your verified email address.

Techniques and Principles

Wistec Education develops new ideas and products that often also develop technical innovations. As a responsible company, we are doing our best to ensure that new innovations provide our users with the right level of data protection. Privacy policies guide all our decisions. So we can protect our users and offer them new tools, and still strive to achieve the required and even better level of security.


Develop products based on data protection principles and practices.
Our goal is to be a leader in e-learning, enabling users to easily increase their IT skills without undermining the user experience. We respect privacy laws and work within the company and with our supervisors and industry partners to develop and maintain strong privacy principles.
Collect personal information in a transparent way
We try to show the users the information we provide for our services. Our goal is to gather information about users as transparently as possible and to clearly explain how we use that information to deliver our services.
Allow users to choose to what extent they protect their privacy
People's privacy needs are different. Wistec Education wants to serve all its users, including private and business users. That is why we strive to provide useful and detailed options for users to control the use of their personal information. By default, the only personal information that may appear on the service is First Name and Last Name. We do not sell our personal data to any registers or other services without the consent of users.
Monitor the information stored responsibly
We know that we are responsible for keeping the information provided to us by us secure. We take security seriously and work together with users, developers and external data protection specialists to make the service safer.